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Ports of service

Port of Igoumenitsa


The port of Igoumenitsa is geographically the closest port of Greece to Italy and the Balkan countries of the Adriatic Sea, thus being an important bridge of people and goods to and from Western Europe.

The port of Igoumenitsa is the main gateway to northern and central Greece for the movement of passengers and goods to and from EU countries. It is a transit center for freight transport between the EU and the Middle East.

The port is managed by the Igoumenitsa Port Authority SA. (www.olig.gr)

Port of Preveza

The port of Preveza is located south of the port of Igoumenitsa and serves mainly commercial ships. Commercial ships operate in the port for unloading and loading bulk cargo, animal feed and construction materials.

The port has two piers and can serve ships with a maximum draft of 9.30 meters.


Akarport is the company which manages, and operates the port of Astakos - Navipe located on the west coast of Greece. The port's strategic location next to international maritime routes makes it a gateway for traffic between the countries of the European Union and the East while at the same time rendering it a link between the Adriatic, the Balkans and the areas around the Black Sea.

Transit of raw materials and products Warehouse management, distribution and assembly services.

Quality - cost effectiveness - Consistency - duration - respect for the customer Technology - flexibility - speed

Port of Corfu

The port of Corfu basically provides services related to the docking of ships and the handling of passengers and vehicles. It serves passenger and commercial ships and is a cruise ship terminal.

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